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July 5, 2021
How to Make a Natural Air Freshener Using an Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have been celebrated for centuries as a reliable source of aromatherapy. Ancient Egyptians used them to treat ailments, such as headaches and anxiety. But these days, there is a growing interest in replacing aerosol sprays with an air freshener that is more beneficial for the environment.

Here are five steps to getting started with an essential oil diffuser:

Select an essential oil diffuser.

There are a wide variety of diffusers on the market, offering the buyer a plethora of colors and styles. Some of them will double as a humidifier and offer a mood-enhancing LED light. A tank that shuts off automatically when empty is a handy feature.

Choose oils with scents that you like.

Different scents are reputed to have different health benefits. For instance, peppermint is credited with increasing energy, lemon with happiness. Lavender may act as a sleep aid and offer pain relief. Eucalyptus has long been used for sinus relief and to stop sniffles. Select a scent that you can live with for hours, as the diffuser will begin to work almost instantly, filling your space with the aroma of choice.

Fill the diffuser with warm water.

Remove the tank from the diffuser and fill it. The oils are extremely potent and must be diluted. Therefore, the diffuser starts with a tank full of water, and it will perfume the room with a fine mist. This is one feature that appeals to those who suffer allergies or asthma.

Add the essential oils to the diffuser.

Drip about 10 or 12 drops of essential oil into the tank, and then put it back into the diffuser. Push the start button, and presto! You have made a wise choice for the planet, as well as your own health.

Breathe deep, and enjoy your aromatherapy.

You may have just found your new favorite thing!

Vlad Magdalin

Passionate reader | People person | The one behind All dad jokes
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