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February 11, 2023
What Is an Electric Arc Lighter? Why Should You Choose the REIDEA S4 Electronic Candle Lighter?

Have you been considering buying an electronic arc lighter? From safety to recyclability, the REIDEA S4 electronic candle lighter offers unique features you can trust.

Lighters are something we all need from time to time, whether we want to light candles, cigarettes, or stoves. How dowe get a lighter that’s safe, durable, and doesn’t need refilling or replacement every few weeks? We have just the solution for you – an electronic arc lighter, such as the REIDEA S4 electronic candle lighter!

What Is an Electric Arc Lighter?

An electric arc lighter is one that produces a high-voltage electrical current rather than a regular flame. Heat is produced via a small arc in a more concentrated area. Therefore, there is no need to refill the lighter with fluid. Instead, you charge them. Electric arc lighters are also much hotter than traditional ones but are believed to be safer. The electric current is created by the slide of a switch, and it heats up the desired object the way a normal lighter would.

There are also different types of electric arc lighters – some are used for candles, while others are used for cigarettes or pipes, etc. Simple press the safety switch and slide uo the ignition button to activate the arc.


Arc lighter

Are Arc Lighters Safe to Use?

Arc lighters are believed to be safer than traditional lighters, but is there any truth to this? Electronic arc lighters are non-toxic and safe, making them a great alternative totraditional lighters. Although it is never a good idea to stick a finger into an arc, doing so would result in a burn that is similar to that of a flame lighter; however, it would affect a smaller area of skin.

While the arc's electric current isn't strong enough to electrocute a human, using it near metal pipes increases the risk of electric shock. Additionally, be careful not to drop the lighter because a particularly hard fall could damage the electronics.

The REIDEA S4 electronic candle lighter is a fantastic and safe option for those looking to explore these products. It has dual protection, which increases the safety of the product. Therefore, those that are skeptical about the safety of these items would appreciate this feature.

Safty lock at bottom


This feature includes a safety lock at the bottom of the lighter, meaning the lighter will only work when the safety lockis pushed. Furthermore, the tip of the lighter is retractable incase the lighter is operated incorrectly. Thus, if safety is a priority, theREIDEA S4 electronic candle lighter is the way to go!

Are Electric Lighters Recyclable?

Electronic or rechargeable lighters are considered e-waste. Therefore, they are recyclable and should be disposed ofwith other electronic items.

Fortunately, disposing of or recycling electric lighters is much simpler than traditional ones as there's no need to worry about dealing with lighter fluid, meaning there's no hazardous waste toworry about!

Apart from the recycling, rechargeable lighters are more environmentally friendly because there's no need to use gas.

What Is a REIDEA Arc Lighter?


REIDEA is a brand that produces a variety of arc lighters that are suitable for different reasons. These products are rechargeable, user-friendly, and can heat things at a high temperature in ashort time span.

One of REIDEA’s most popular products is the REIDEA S4 electronic candle lighter. This item is available in various colorsand has a number of beneficial features, such as:

·        Fast heat sinking and windproof: The REIDEA S4 electronic candle lighter cools down quickly after being used and is extremely durable. This product is made of zinc alloy and heats things up to high temperatures in a short time span. Fortunately, the products were also developed with the wind in mind, meaning there's no need to worry about the wind blowing the flame out.

·        Economical and USB rechargeable: REIDEA includes a USB cable withlighters. Furthermore, customers will save money since there's no need for lighter fluid or gas. Once again, this contributes to the eco-friendliness of the product. The lighter can be charged more than 300 times, and one charge canlast for more than 60 uses.

·        Easy to use and non-slip switch: The non-slip switch also keeps the user’s safety in mind. The button’s design fits any finger and only needs a simple push to start heating the arc straight away.

·        Dual protection: With a safety switch and retractable arc tip, anyone can controlthis innovative lighter.

·        Easy maintenance and storage: As long as the lighter isn’t left around water or in the sun,there’s no need to worry about maintaining or storing it. We recommend storing it in a cool, dry area.

What Makes REIDEA Unique?

REIDEA’s dedication to its customers is one of the things that make it unique. Regardless of the issue, the brand is always willing and able to assist users. Because of the commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, all users can expect excellent value for money.

Design is another one of REIDEA’s stand-out features. Who knew a lighter could be so aesthetically pleasing? The appearance, colors, and features of REIDEA's products make them a wonderful gift, whether someone wants to light a candle or cigarette.

Lastly, REIDEA’s ability to offer affordable products with a variety of features help it stand out from the competition. The fact that REIDEA is able to ensure its lighters tick all the boxes while still offering some of the most affordable items on the market istruly remarkable.

In fact, the REIDEA S4 electronic candle lighteris a perfect example of this. Additional safety, windproof, fast heating, anon-slip switch, etc., it doesn't get much better than that!

Get the REIDEA S4 Electronic CandleLighter Today!

With all the great perks of electronic arclighters, everyone should have one! From safety to recyclability, there isn't a reason why anyone should use a traditional or gas lighter. The REIDEA S4 is an excellent rechargeable lighter since it offers safety and easy use. REIDEA, as a brand, is reliable, reputable, and trustworthy, so we believe you can't go wrong with this product.

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